The Partners

Kathy Chao

Kathy ChaoKathy joined CGU in 1992. She has gained valuable experience in one of the largest high tech companies in the country prior to becoming a partner at CGU. Kathy’s areas of expertise include taxation, auditing and financial reporting. She serves a wide spectrum of clients. In the area of taxation, her clientele expand from individuals to public companies. Her specialties also include international tax planning and consulting for multinational companies. Kathy specializes in entities with foreign affiliates, venture backed start-up companies and small business. She is fluent in multiple Chinese dialects.

Kathy’s philosophy on client services is to be engaging and responsive while maintaining the highest level of integrity. She takes pride in being able to communicate in a way that people feel comfortable about the financial decisions she helps them make.


Jenn Dermon

Jenn’s nearly 25 years of accounting experience has spanned across various roles and companies here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before rejoining C.G. Uhlenberg in 2006, Jenn held manager and director level positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco, Borland and Mercury Interactive. Being a part of C.G. Uhlenberg allows Jenn to do the work she finds the most rewarding – helping client’s one-on-one through their financial successes and issues. Whether it be yearly task of preparing income tax returns or providing complex, litigation support, she enjoys working with the client to make the experience as transparent, efficient and reliable as possible.

Jenn’s favorite part of being a CPA is developing the long-term relationship with clients. In addition to providing individual and business tax services, Jenn has expertise in fiduciary (court) accounting for trusts and estates as well as helping small business owners with their accounting needs.

Paul Lin

Paul began his public accounting career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2002. Since joining C G Uhlenberg in 2007, he has provided accounting and auditing services to start-up, high-tech, and governmental entities. He has also worked with high-income individuals and small business entities including S-corps, C-corps, partnerships, and trusts for their tax filing and planning needs. In addition to annual tax return preparation, Paul has developed a multinational clientele that requires expertise in international tax planning, transfer pricing analysis, and foreign income and asset reporting. He takes the time and opportunity to know his clients, so that he can provide them with prudent advices that fit their financial needs and goals. His passion as a CPA is for everyone to receive such advices and avoid costly consequences.

Paul enjoys playing piano and singing with his family of four. He is actively involved in his Christian church community and serves in many areas including music, finance, and children ministries. Paul earned his Master in Accountancy from the University of Texas at Austin and BBA in Finance from National Taiwan University. He is fluent in Mandarin.